Sunday November 3rd
$49 per person
Show at 7pm
Must be 18 years or over

TAHIR started his professional life as an English Drama teacher before finding his true calling when he first trod the boards of the Sydney Comedy Store in 1995. Within twelve months he had won the highly coveted Sydney Comedian of the Year award, and has since been featuring in comedy venues and festivals all over the globe.

With a broadly appealing and charmingly observational style, TAHIR embodies what it is to be an Australian. Of Turkish decent, his comedy celebrates the idiosyncratic quirks of living in a multicultural society, as well as the commonalities that bond us all together.

Over the course of his career, TAHIR has written, directed and starred in some of the most successful live stage productions ever produced. The shows have all played to huge numbers as well as rave reviews.

TAHIR has numerous television credits, as a performer, actor and guest, on shows such as “Rove Live”, “The Footy Show”, “All Saints”, “Thank God You are Here”and“The Librarians”, as well as countless comedy specials, panel shows, comedy galas and television specials.

TAHIR has starred in legendary Australian sit-coms“Fat Pizza”, “Swift and Shift Couriers”and “Housos”. He played the character of “Habib”, one of the most hilarious and popular characters ever seen on Australian television. He co-wrote the screenplay for the Fat Pizza movie, which enjoyed one of the all-time most successful opening weekends ever for an Australian movie release. He has featured in 3 Australian feature films, and was also part of the team that travelled the world and broke the world record pizza delivery, as recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records. Eight countries, fifty thousand kilometres, a world record and at the same time raising money for charity.

TAHIR also came up with the concept for “Here Come The Habibs” on channel 9. He then became a co-creator and an actor in “Here Come The Habibs”- a show that caused much controversy and debate, enjoyed great ratings, was Logie nominated in Australia as well as nominated for prestigious awards overseas.

TAHIR then came up with the concept, co-created, wrote two episodes and played the lead role in another family sit-com called “StreetSmart” for network 10.

TAHIR is an international performer. He has a great following and is a guaranteed entertainer with an impressive and impeccable record with countless testimonials and references. He is a prolific writer and creator, but above all an engaging, entertaining and dynamic live comedy performer.