Jim Morris

Jim Joined Club in 1984 and has held various committee positions in the Baseball Intra-Club at different times. Jim was elected onto the Board of Directors in 2014. Jim is life member of Baseball, and active member of Men's Bowls, Senior Citizens' and Indoor Sports Intra-Clubs. Jim has recently been elected President of North Ryde RSL.

Vice President

Paul Stevens

Paul joined the Club in 1984 and served on the Fishing Intra Club committee from 2009 to 2013. Paul was appointed to the Board Of Directors in 2013. Paul has held this position since then and is also an active member of the fishing and golf sections.


Rob Wilkinson

Joined the Club in 2015 , Member of the North Ryde RSL Soccer Club from the 1990s.  Organised and hosted numerous events at NRRSL on behalf of North Ryde Rotary ROMAC,  Ryde Sports Foundation,  Ryde Business Chamber , North Ryde Community Aid. Memebr of the RAAF 458 Squadron Association and a participant in  ANZAC Day Services . Father Ex-RAAF  and  a Sub-Branch Member. 


Beth Ashcroft

Beth joined the club in 1992 and has played an active role in a number of Intra-Clubs . Beth was elected onto the Board of Directors in 2008 and has been the Intra-Club Committee chairman since that time. Beth was appointed a life member of the Baseball Intra-Club in 2009.


Dick Reading

Dick joined the club in 1982 and has served on the Board twice. First elected in 1999, Dick remained on the Board for three years and was then re-elected in 2006. Dick has been active on the committees of the Sub-Branch and Youth Club holding the position of President of both clubs at various times.


Fiona Osborne

Fiona was a member of the Club for 8 years, then moved out of the area and re-joined in 2013. She is  a member of the Senior Citizens Club.


Barry Herbert

Barry Herbert joined the club in 1972 and has been apart of many intra clubs, including Cricket, Indoor sports, Golf and the youth club. Appointed a life member in 1990 and also held positions of Club Vice - President and Club President.